Same-Day Dental Crowns

Winston Salem, NC

Throughout our lives, teeth may undergo damage that can not be addressed by a filling alone. Dental decay, tooth fractures, or other emergencies may require the use of a dental crown to restore health, aesthetics, and function. Typically, getting a dental crown is a drawn-out process that requires multiple visits to the dentist. At Reynolda Smiles, we’re pleased to provide same-day crowns to patients of Winston Salem, NC—getting you back to smiling in just one day. 

What Are Same-Day Crowns?

Same-day crowns are a type of dental restoration designed to encapsulate the damaged tooth. They are made from strong, biocompatible materials and are secured over the damaged tooth with special adhesive agents. The crown itself is designed to look just like your neighboring teeth, providing a restoration that looks natural and beautiful.

At Reynolda Smiles, we’re proud to provide same-day crowns to our patients using the latest technology available—CEREC digital impressions. CEREC uses an advanced scanner to create a precise 3D image of your teeth that will be used as the basis for creating your new custom crown in minutes. Using this powerful technology allows us to craft high-quality dental restorations quickly and efficiently, giving you the aesthetic and functional results you need in one visit. 

The Process

Once your dentist has determined that a crown is the right solution for you, we’ll begin by numbing the area around the affected tooth. We’ll then shape the tooth to accommodate the crown and take a digital impression using the CEREC system. Using CAD/CAM technology, your impression is turned into a 3D model that will be used to craft your custom crown. This process takes only minutes! 

This design is sent to our milling machine, where the crown is crafted out of a block of ceramic material. Once complete, your dentist will bond the crown in place and make any finishing touches needed. All this can be done in about an hour, instead of needing multiple visits for traditional impressions and waiting days for the lab-made crowns to be ready.

The Benefits Of Choosing Same-Day Crowns

Time-Saving & Convenient

Gone are the days of multiple dental appointments and temporary crowns. Our same-day service is ideal for busy individuals, allowing you to walk out with a permanent crown in just one visit.

Comfort & Aesthetics

Each crown is tailored to match the color and shape of your natural teeth, ensuring a natural and comfortable fit.

State-Of-The-Art Technology

We use the latest in dental technology, not only for speed but also for precision and durability, promising crowns that are as long-lasting as they are beautiful.

Efficient & Affordable

Our same-day service is both fast and affordable, providing you with dental restorations that don’t break the bank.  We’re dedicated to giving you a solution that fits both your needs and budget.

Your Smile, Our Commitment

At Reynolda Smiles, we’re not just offering a dental service; we’re offering a gateway to renewed confidence and a brighter smile. Our same-day crowns are a testament to our dedication to innovative care and patient satisfaction. Contact us today to schedule your appointment or to learn more about our same-day crowns. Let us be a part of your journey to a stunning, healthy smile!

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